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ReaSib DMG LLC has been developing and producing materials and reagents for oil-and-gas and mining and processing enterprises since 2000.

We have implemented the first in Russia fully automated complex flexible technological line for organic synthesis. Therefore, we have the opportunity to produce a product that is ideal for solving your production problems in any volume.

Our aim

Provide drilling and service enterprises with high-quality special-purpose reagents that meet modern technological and environmental requirements and are capable of replacing imported analogues.

We are actively working with enterprises in Eastern Siberia, Volgograd, and the Caspian Sea. Negotiating about cooperation with the countries of the neighboring countries: Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan. Our products have prospects in the markets of Vietnam and the UAE, we are actively developing this area.

Our products

The range of products of REASIB DMG LLC includes 36 items. These include:

  • Structure formers
  • Reagents for hydrocarbon-based solutions (RHS)
  • Lubricant additives
  • Weighting
  • Supporting Reagents
  • Deflocculants

And many  more, including fundamentally new ones for the Russian market:

  • Synthetic base for hydrocarbon solutions
  • Emulsifiers for reverse solutions

Our drilling lubricants are the best in their class!

They allow drilling of the wells of the most complex profiles, with large borehole inclination angles and long horizontal sections.

Our advantages

The ability to quickly change the product to the needs of your production
We can quickly change the technological regime and conduct organic synthesis at any pressures and temperatures, in different environments and using different raw materials. All parameters are displayed on the operator's computer, even the control of valves and pumps.
The ability to deliver the product in small volumes
We are using only Russian raw materials
Provides the ability to uninterruptedly supply our products below import prices.
We have our own laboratory
The manufactured products are developed with the participation of researchers from the Institute of the Tomsk Scientific Center of the SB RAS, as well as specialists from the Tomsk Polytechnic and Tomsk State Universities.
Consistently high product quality
Our products are tested at all stages of the technological cycle. The quality of our products has been confirmed and not only is not inferior but also surpasses the imported counterparts in their technical and technological characteristics.
All our products are certified and protected by patents of the Russian Federation
Each product is certified for the use of a chemical product in the technological processes of oil production and transportation, for compliance with the fuel and energy complex, has a Safety Data Sheet, and all the necessary sanitary and epidemiological conclusions.

Our team

Currently, our team has 36 people. All specialists directly related to the processes of production or product development and have a higher education or academic degree.


  • Established Research and Production Center  «Veles»  in Salair, Kemerovo
  • Production of chemicals for mining and processing  enterprises of Kuzbass
  • The serial production of drilling fluid reagents: lubricating additives, colmatants, weighting agents
  • Launched production of synthetic hydrocarbon base for drilling fluids
  • Established REASIB DMG LLC
  • Launched a project to organize the production of new drilling reagents on the Northern site of the Special Economic Zone of Tomsk
  • Established ReaSib Research and Production Association
  • Received resident status of Tomsk Special Economic Zone TVT
  • Commissioned  Russia's first integrated flexible organic synthesis production line
  • Developed technologies  for the production of reagents from TNHK secondary products
  • Started to implement projects for gas condensate processing and work with methanol