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Barite weighting agent RS-301
The barite weighting agent is designed to increase the density of drilling fluids.
Bridging Additive – RS-600
The RS-600 plugging filler is designed to eliminate lost circulation. The effectiveness of the RS-600 is due to the complex composition of the filler, which includes a wide range of granulometric, lamellar, and linear components.
Carbonate weighting agent RS-310

The carbonate weighting agent is a powdery product of a polyfractional composition obtained by the controlled grinding of limestone. It is characterized by a high content of calcium carbonate CaCO3 and an optimally selected granulometric composition.

Coagulant of the colloidal phase OBM RS-930
RS-930 is designed to provide cleaning of a hydrocarbon solution or heavy slurry of a vertical centrifuge from a colloidal clay fraction less than 5-7 microns in size by coagulating it with subsequent removal in a high-speed centrifuge or by sedimentation.
Detergent RS-401
RS-401 - is designed to prevent the formation of clay seals on the surface of drilling pipes, helps to prevent sticking of screen panels of vibrating screens, it is very effective as an additive to eliminate sticking.
Drilling mud bentonite RS-101
RS-101 is a product obtained by mechanical activation of high-quality bentonite clay consisting of 90% sodium montmorillonite.
Drilling mud lubricant ST–7 horizon RS–201
Lubricating additive RS-201 (ST-7 Horizon) is intended for the treatment of fresh, saline, and inhibited drilling fluids when drilling long, directional, and horizontal sections of oil and gas wells on land and at sea.
Drilling mud lubricant ST–7 standard RS–202
Lubricating additive RS-202 (ST-7 Oil) - highly efficiently improves the tribotechnical properties of hydrocarbon-based solutions.
Fractionated acid-soluble carbonate filler RS-640
RS-640 - fractionated acid-soluble carbonate filler for drilling fluids. РС-640 is made from high-quality raw materials as a result the acid-insoluble residue does not exceed 0.7%.
General improving reagent RS-810 (UVR)
RS-810 (UVR) is a modified humate reagent of a new generation of dispersing and general improving action for water-based drilling fluids.
Low-viscosity base oil for hydrocarbon solutions RS-230 (Reabase)
Low-viscosity base oil RS-230 (REABASE) is a mixture of synthetic hydrocarbons with a narrow fractional composition, characterized by low kinematic viscosity (less than 3 CST), low aromatic content, high flash point, and low freezing point. Flexible production technology allows us to quickly change the technological parameters of the base oil, depending on the requirements of the drilling technology and specific geological and technical drilling conditions.
Lubricating additive for water-based drilling fluids RS-211 (ST-7 ECO)

Lubricating additive RS-211 (ST-7 Eco) is an economically viable, inexpensive additive, very effective when drilling vertical and directional well sections. The setting point is not higher than –250C.

Mud emulsifier for w/o emulsions DDP RS–510
Emulsifier RS-510 - is a solution of esters of higher unsaturated fatty acids based on mineral oils with the addition of high molecular weight organic compounds.
Organophilic microbarite RS-350
Organophilic microbarite for hydrocarbon-based solutions is a finely ground high-quality barite with subsequent chemical modification.