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Lubricant additives

We have implemented the first in Russia fully automated complex flexible technological line for organic synthesis. Therefore, we have the opportunity to produce a product that is ideal for solving your production problems in any volume.
Drilling mud lubricant ST–7 horizon RS–201
Lubricating additive RS-201 (ST-7 Horizon) is intended for the treatment of fresh, saline, and inhibited drilling fluids when drilling long, directional, and horizontal sections of oil and gas wells on land and at sea.
Drilling mud lubricant ST–7 standard RS–202
Lubricating additive RS-202 (ST-7 Oil) - highly efficiently improves the tribotechnical properties of hydrocarbon-based solutions.
Lubricating additive for water-based drilling fluids RS-211 (ST-7 ECO)

Lubricating additive RS-211 (ST-7 Eco) is an economically viable, inexpensive additive, very effective when drilling vertical and directional well sections. The setting point is not higher than –250C.