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Reagents for hydrocarbon-based solutions

We have implemented the first in Russia fully automated complex flexible technological line for organic synthesis. Therefore, we have the opportunity to produce a product that is ideal for solving your production problems in any volume.
Low-viscosity base oil for hydrocarbon solutions RS-230 (Reabase)
Low-viscosity base oil RS-230 (REABASE) is a mixture of synthetic hydrocarbons with a narrow fractional composition, characterized by low kinematic viscosity (less than 3 CST), low aromatic content, high flash point, and low freezing point. Flexible production technology allows us to quickly change the technological parameters of the base oil, depending on the requirements of the drilling technology and specific geological and technical drilling conditions.
Mud emulsifier for w/o emulsions DDP RS–510
Emulsifier RS-510 - is a solution of esters of higher unsaturated fatty acids based on mineral oils with the addition of high molecular weight organic compounds.
Organophilic microbarite RS-350
Organophilic microbarite for hydrocarbon-based solutions is a finely ground high-quality barite with subsequent chemical modification.